Where do you put a picture?  An image impacts on its surroundings, be it a still or moving picture.  Put it into stage, street or site-specific theatre, an exhibition, an event or public space, installed images import a little magic.

Visual installations can take many forms, depending on their purpose, perhaps projected, or on a monitor, maybe built into a set.  How will the viewer interact with the installation, do they control it, or just watch it, or does an actor interact with it?  From using music to control a changing environment to making your own digital stained-glass window, I can create for you an exciting and breath-taking visual installation.

Christchurch Players, Tadley, 2008.  I solved the problem of staging the difficult “Flying to the Neverland” scene by making a video, blue-screening the actors and animating them flying first through London, then out over the countryside and ocean to the Neverland.  This University self-assignment was my first After Effects project, and although the stylised appearance is in keeping with the “augmented-reality” Pantomime aesthetic, the results are still breathtaking, and the film blew the audiences away every night.  I filmed, directed, and edited the entire video, as well as writing, performing and recording the soundtrack.


Dartington College of Arts, 2009.  The user finds them self appearing on the screen, placed into a familiar local scene, and as they play the keyboard they are transported to different locations, controlling their destination by the notes they play.

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