FOREGROUND: Fascinated by beauty and form, and the relationship between audience and art, I lost interest in calling myself a “drummer” or “photographer”and the restrictions those terms bring with them.  I’m an artist in whatever I’m working on, a videographer, designer, a dreamer, a creative sort of chap – just without the moustache.  I’m inspired by my surroundings, the faces and juxtapositions of the city, the peace and head-space in the countryside, the stories of the people who step into my life.  I seek elegance in solutions, harmony of form and function, and emotional intelligence across the arts.

I like to be in the countryside, surrounded by greens not greys, walking cycling or driving, always stopping to take a photo.  I love cooking with quality ingredients for my wife, family or friends, log fires, Lego, making coffee and being near (or in) the ocean.

BACKGROUND: Having learnt music from the age of seven starting with piano, following quickly with drums and percussion, I picked up a guitar and bass at the age of thirteen, eventually finding my voice in my late teens. With a life-long passion for creativity and innovation, I was always experimenting and making up tunes; I went on to study composition and studio production, unleashing exciting new ways of working.

I gained my degree at Dartington College of Arts, and I was heavily involved in the life of the college, even joining the technical staff whilst I was there.  Set in an inspiring and beautiful corner of Devon, Dartington was a place of international acclaim for cutting edge and cross-disciplinary arts. Alongside studying music I sharpened my eye for design and artistic innovation studying Digital Arts Practices, focusing on interactive video and visuals incorporating sound design.

University led to a varied few years of free-lancing, before becoming Technical Manager for a large and busy church just outside London, running the live production for their many contemporary services and events, as well as developing my video-making skills, IT/web management and running/upgrading our three venues.

FOCUS:  Now based on the south coast of England, I am building a portfolio career in the creative arts and media industry.  Examples of my work from the last few years can be found around this site.  I hope you enjoy exploring ensom.com, thanks for looking.  Please feel free to get in touch via my Contact page.

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