Day 10 – Nessy

Loch Ness this morning was stunning, bigger than I’d imagined, and when the rain stopped and the sun came out we stopped for some photos about half way up. Steve had a broken spoke so we did a quick wheel change by the side of the road, 14 minutes not exactly tour de France standard!
We had our first category 3 hill today, the car struggled to get up it with everyone’s luggage but we were impressed to see all 8 cyclists conquer it with style, great effort.
After lunch on the platform of a station opposite the Royal Scotsman we headed into Inverness to pick up the van, which I’d be driving. It’s massive! Built in sat nav (which is impossible to program), got my phone plugged in with some decent music (no more spice girls!), getting used to a manual gearbox and no rear view mirror, this is my adventure now! Being high up is great as I can make the most of the views, still spectacular.
We arrived at our overnight stay, a converted railway carriage and went for a wonder with the camera, photos to follow, I loved spending a few minutes by myself with a camera, I’ve missed being creative!


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