Day 7 – progress

The boys always have a start time to aim for each morning, and always miss it by a good hour or so, and today we were delayed by guessing the days football results. We had a new rider with us, Chris Watt, a friend of Darren’s who we’d stayed with the night before, huge thanks to the watt family for a great evening and beds with duvets, great to be out of sleeping bags!
I found a guitar and we had a breakfast singalong of Paul Simon’s You can call me Al, which has become our anthem for the tour and gave the boys a great boost first thing, along with a cracking cooked breakfast!
A fresh rider seemed to make a big difference and the boys kept up a great pace.
We had a few long climbs but nothing too steep, a different challenge and a lot of rain, Scotland living up to its reputation so far! The scenery was spectacular, great winding roads and epic views through the mountains, really lifted spirits. We made our breaks on time and made it to Ayr early enough to get showered before dinner and put normal clothes on for the first time in a week. A massive meal out filled a hole nicely, and match of the day brought some normality to this extraordinary adventure.
The guys have good days and bad days, but are always looking out for each other, the stronger ones helping the strugglers. Dan is carrying a similar injury to me but battling through with incredible determination, after some worryingly bad days recently he was smiling every time I saw him today, what a hero.
They talk about hitting their limit, maybe around 70 miles, it varies, but every day they cycle over 90 miles, through the wall and beyond. Amazing work.
As for me, I’m frustrated being cooped up in the van/car a day, knee in pain and not with the boys, the only real consolation is keeping dry when the rain’s lashing down, which will probably be quite a lot now we’re in Scotland!


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