Day 5 – long but impressive

another long day from Shrewsbury to Preston, stared late because we had to get two wheels fixed at the local bike shop.  still managed to get the boys to a swimming pool in the evening for a shower, we’re staying at an amazing church centre but no showers.  great welcome again, huge lift.

my knee is still hurting a lot, i’m hobbling around and not even considering cycling in the next few days, but feeling useful with the support crew, fixing bikes, navigating and handing out sweets to the boys from the van or at the side of the road.  it’s tiring being in the support crew, we’re on the go most of the day, but nothing compared to what they guys are doing, 98 miles today!

I’m (supposed to be) riding for Adonai, the charity we’re linked with in Uganda looking after orphans and vulnerable children.  I’m doing it because I passionately believe in them and what they’re doing, i trust and respect them, and we can see the difference we’re making.  I’ve spent a year training and invested more money in this ride than I’ve earned in the last year (it’s been a tough year for work!).  I’m delighed to say that Steve Allwright is still riding for Adonai, he’s doing so well, so if you’d like to sponsor him instead of me his page is

we’re into the Lake District tomorrow, more hills but looking forward to some great scenery!  Good night!


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