Day 4 – relentless

My first full day in the van, missing the boys but enjoying the company of Rachel Allwright and Tara Nutt, I’m starting to feel like a useful member of the team which is nice.  the boys had an incredibly tough day today, some difficult and confusing navigation led to some mistakes and an unplanned detour, taking in a few extra hills which were seriously tough.  they’re tired and aching but still in amazingly good spirits, I’m in awe of the effort they all put in today and wondering how I’d have fared had my knees not given up already!

the scenery was stunning, i’m definitely coming back here one day… but i’ll be bringing a car, not a bike next time!
we received yet another incredible welcome in Shrewsbury, the churches that have put us up so far have been so generous, and we’ve been blown away by the hospitality of our hosts who’ve opened up their houses to us.  it’s such a lift at the end of the day, big blessings.

i’ve decided to try this again probably next year, i’ll be doing it slightly differently and will start planing once we’ve finished this one, but i set off from Land’s End to John O’Groats, on a bike, for Adonai, and I will finish it, on a bike. when my body’s working again…


3 thoughts on “Day 4 – relentless

  1. well done tom keep the positive attitude not just for you but for the others as well they must be so disappointed not to have you with them ! there is a proverb that says laughing Is as good as takin medicine, so make sure you laugh lots i bet that it will be good for your knees as well as your soul! praying for you all x

  2. Hi Tom. Sorry you have had to stop cycling. I have given Christine some hot pads and some cold pads for you. The money I gave you can still go to Adonia, and if you do it next year I’ll sponsor you again. Hope that the pain is easing. Hope to see you before you start your job. Luv Rachel xxxx

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