Day 2

97 miles today, nearly killed me. Every turn of the pedals hurt my knees, the boys were amazingly supportive, I’m too tired to say any more, if you like to pray, please pray for my knees so I can finish this ride!


3 thoughts on “Day 2

  1. You can do it Tom!!!
    “All this I do for the gospel’s sake, in order to share in it’s blessings…That is why I run straight for the finishing line; that is why I am like a boxer who doesn’t waste his punches. I harden my body with blows and bring it under complete control, to keep myself from being disqualified after having called others to the contest.” (1 Cor 9: 23, 26-27)
    I have decided to pray for you every day, and to try to encourage you as much as possible. Keep going. xx

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