Day 1 – Tough!

leaving Land’s End in the pouring rain i looked down at my waterproof shoe covers and was reminded of the olympic cyclists.  sadly i only look like an olympian from the ankles down, as i was soon to discover!  the first 20 miles I hated, getting stung after only 10 was not a good start!  but after 20 we got into a good routine and i started enjoying it.
the views made the hill climbs just about worthwhile, every time we got to a beach we knew the only way on was up a massive hill, it was too much.  i fell off going up one, ran out of energy and didn’t clip out of the pedal in time, over i went!
the camel trail was a bad idea, not made up with tarmac, bad for road racing bikes!  pushing my bike up a hill at the end of the day with knees hurting, i was thinking of the kids in Uganda who will have a decent home for the first time thanks to your donations, it’s SO encouraging that for every mile i’m raising at least £2, that’s keeping me going, thank you!

text messages coming in have been amazing too, little drops of encouragement!


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