Day 0 – Tadley to Land’s End

loading ten bikes into the transit was harder than we thought, but we’ve made it down here unscathed, survived the holiday traffic and found our first over-night stop, an outdoor pursuits centre in Carnyorth, just 6 miles from Land’s End. food is being bought, enough pasta to feed the Italian army.  Bikes are being attended to, tyres checked, grip tape fitted, and we’re enjoying getting to know each other better.  The common social denominator is Darren who’s organised this and is the only one who knows everyone already, but we’re all looking forward to getting better acquainted over the next 11 days cycling!  we’re checking out each others’ bikes, training, choice of snacks for on the bikes, and discussing our excitements, fears and expectations.  I fancy a walk down to the beach to stretch my legs, having come all this way (we came past St Michael’s mount, well worth a look if you ever come down this far) I want to get to the beach!


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