Watership Up, Watership Down

This weekend I cycled over Watership down, from Kingsclere over white hill almost to the A34, then back over white hill and home. It’s a ride I’ve done before with the boys, but it was much harder on my own, not having a slip stream to pull you along, but also the support of having others with you. The toughest hill was even harder than I remember, I had to rest for some time at the top, and still felt exhausted for the next few miles.

I was disheartened, until I got home and worked out the distance and average speed, and it wasn’t too bad. Anything above 15mph average I’m happy with.

The next day I cycled to Basingstoke and back, almost 20 miles, in an hour and 8 minutes, which was much more like it. It got me thinking about the big ride again, in terms of distance and time. if we can do 30 miles in 2-2.5 hours, then rest and eat, then do the same again, rest again, then cycle again, we should be able to do 90 miles each day in three achievable rides. We’ve just got to conquer those hills one pedal at a time.


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